The Apple of our i(Phone)!

The Ravens just beat the Browns 16 – 0, but those of you without a Tivo may have noticed something else about the Monday Night Football telecast: a new Apple iPhone ad featuring the Redfin iPhone app. On seeing it, Scott Nagel, Vice President, Real Estate Operations, hardly one given to over-the-top displays of emotion, got high-fives all around from his football-crazed children.

Redfin for iPhone Superbowl Ad

We knew the ad was coming, but Sasha Aickin put the fear of Apple in us and for once we kept a secret. To Conan Reidy and all the other people who say I can’t keep clam because of a few minor middle-school indiscretions, this is but one of many examples of really, really juicy stuff I’ve kept to myself…

Many thanks to the folks at Apple for hooking us up, and to the Redfin iPhone team for building such a sweet real estate app.


  • Gregory

    I saw it tonight and was extremely excited for you and the Redfin team. I had to rewind and slow-mo it. The app looks very cool. Hopefully you can quickly port one for Android phones so all of us non-AT&T people can enjoy Redfin’s mobile bliss.

    P.S. – Just posted some suggestions on

  • Glenn Kelman

    Yeah, it looks especially good in slow-mo… we know we need to do an Android version, but we have a lot of other stuff to do too… we’ll do our best to get to it Gregory! And we’ll check your suggestions too!

  • Brad Cerenzia

    Very cool, Glenn! I already have it on my iPhone, but I’m ditching the iPhone for the Droid soon, so I’m glad to hear you guys are thinking forward.

  • Ian Greenleigh


    Any idea why your app was chosen (besides it’s sheer awesomeness)? Great exposure!

  • Raymond

    I love your website, and I already love the iPhone app. If you don’t mind me asking. Do you have an in-house user experience staff or are did you use a consultant? If consultant, who? I’m a Director of User Experience for GlobalEnglish, (not a competitor!). Just really admire the site and use it as an example of great User Experience.


  • Sasha Aickin


    Thanks for the kind words. We developed the app and site in-house, but we actually don’t have a user experience staff per se. We just have product managers and engineers who care a lot about user experience and are willing to sweat the details. We also have a management/exec team who is willing to give us the extra time it takes to get some of the small stuff and polish done right, and that was especially true in the development of the iPhone app.

    Of course, that’s not to say we don’t mess up UX sometimes; we know that we do. It’s also not to say that it’s the absolute right way to set up a team or that you can’t succeed with a dedicated UX staff; it just seems to be the way that’s worked best for us.

  • JanelleS

    This makes me smile. I’m so proud of the people that made this happen. Kompai!

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  • tom

    I have the Verizon droid and would love to see an android version. Please make it a priority.

  • ex-realtor

    One ex-Realtors opinion, now that I am free of Realtors I have some opinions to share:

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    They have attacked their own current members, our offices. In fact, they don’t know who their members are or aren’t, as they are incompetent! Their web sites are full of old offices that havent’ been their members in years! Our brokers withdrew our membership as we got sick of getting letters saying to stop using the trademark when we were paying members. Of course, we all had a party to celebrate that wonderous event!!! NAR doesn’t update to deceive the public! We estimate that less than 15% of all agents in WA are Realtor membersand not the large numbers they put out there. We did a count and subtracted the offices that were closed down, changed names or left NAR embership not the extra offices that NAR has had the states hey leave up on their web sites to deceive the publie.

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    BE ethical avoid joining the National Association of Realtors!!!

  • Katherine

    Droid user here, dying for the app!!!

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  • Liana Leahy

    Yay for iPhone users… but don't forget Droid