Today's Website Outage

This morning we did a massive update to our website increasing the amount of photos and data we store 340%.

Unfortunately, our website was offline from about 6:40 AM PST until 9 AM PST and then intermittently until 2:20 PM PST because of the increase in the amount of data coupled with the load from the excitement of a new release.

We are deeply sorry about the inconvenience this outage has caused for the visitors of our website and our customers. We are also sorry for not communicating more clearly about the status of the outage and how it was impacting you.

While the website is now back up we are still working to resolve the root causes of the issue. Once we know what all went wrong we’ll update you by posting here on the blog.

Update: Friday, 9:00 AM PST As a result of yesterday’s outage we aren’t retrieving photos for new listings. We hope to start pulling listing photos later today. We’ll update this post when we do.

Update: Friday, 12:00 PM PST You may have noticed that the site, a few times today, has been unresponsive. We’re aware of the brownouts and are actively monitoring the situation and trying as quick as we can to get back to situation normal.

Update: Friday, 8:51 PM PST Good news! The site should be back to its old self and is running on full power, fast and stable. By tomorrow morning, we should have photos for all the new listings.

Update: Monday, November 16th Our CTO, Mike, has posted about lessons learned, One Week After The Outage.