Movin' on Up

Redfin’s on the move! As the intrepid John Cook reported last night, today is our last day in the Dexter-Horton office building we’ve occupied for years here in Seattle. Our new office is at:

2025 1st Avenue, 6th Floor
Seattle, Washington 98121


We moved for a couple of reasons:

  • To save money: we’re subleasing the space from Hasbro at a lower rate, and it’s slightly smaller than our current space too. When the sublease expires in a few years, the rate will go up, but for now it’s a very, very good deal. We would encourage any startup in Seattle whose lease is up to look at other spaces before extending a lease. We originally toured other offices as a tactic in our negotiations with Dexter-Horton, and ended up calling our own bluff once we saw what was out there.
  • To work together better: Dexter-Horton is an old building, divided into fingers so everyone had a window to open on hot days. Now the windows are painted shut, and we spent the past two years staring at one another across a sunken courtyard. I worked alongside the engineers in the middle finger, flanked on either side by our real estate agents.  Being the middle finger wasn’t an ideal configuration for collaboration, and collaboration after all is what we hope will make us great: having agents and engineers work together to develop a deeper, more local understanding of the entire home-buying process.

We’re a little embarrassed to say that the new place also has jaw-dropping views, which I never expected to get at a startup, and probably will never get again — don’t worry, we won’t lose our scrappy spirit! – and it’s just around the corner from the Pike Place Market, the Virginia Inn and Serious Pie, good for late nights and happy hours. We’re packing up tonight, and hope to have the office ready late tomorrow morning.

Starting at 7 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on Friday, our fax line will return a busy signal while we move, and our agent telephone numbers will forward via Google Voice to their cell phones.  The fax should be back in action in an hour or so; our agents are distributing alternate fax numbers as needed.

All of our other systems, including, e-mail, our main office number, our customer database and our commerce tools — already run in the cloud, so there should be no interruption in service.

One final note: anyone looking for a great commercial real estate agent should consider Clay Nielsen at Washington Partners. He’s the only commercial real estate agent I’ve worked with who understands that startups need short leases for unpredictable growth and unsteady cash flow, he’s a bulldog in negotiations, and he knows everything that moves in the downtown market, usually well before it hits the market. No one else would put up with such insufferable cheapskates, again and again and again.

(Photo credit: D & E Hutchinson on Flickr)