And The Top Redfin Blogger For January Is…

Last November we added trackbacks to the site so that any time a blogger links to Redfin we link back. This means that home-buyers browsing Redfin can quickly see what bloggers are saying about a home giving them even more info about the home, its neighborhood or history. Here’s an example of a listing in Los Gatos which links back to who recently blogged about the listing.

Recently one of the blogs that frequently links to Redfin contacted us to find out if they were the top blog. To answer that we give you the first Redfin Real Estate Blogger Leaderboard!

Here’s the top ten list for January 2010:

  1. Burbed: A blog about real estate in Northern California with the tongue-in-cheek tag line “buy now or be priced out FOREVER!” The posts that tell it like is are sure to have you laughing.
  2. Coto Housing Blog: Covers what’s happening in Coto de Caza from every notice of default to loan mods.
  3. DC Urban Turf: A must-read blog about the house and condo market of Washington, DC.
  4. Alice and Bownan: A newly married couple is documenting their housing hunt on their blog.
  5. City-Data: A popular forum for discussing what’s going on in cities around the country.
  6. Urbnlivn: A blog I write about Seattle condos.
  7. Bay Area Home Girl: Written by a former Redfin blogger this well-crafted blog covers the East Bay housing market.
  8. Financing Blog: A blog started to counter the bad financial advice given by many real estate agents. Sadly, it looks like they may be winding this blog down.
  9. Knife Catchers: After a hiatus Knife Catchers is back to focusing on what’s happening in the Alameda housing market.
  10. Living DC: Another DC blog makes the list this one is for the “buyer, seller and curious resident”.

Honorable mention goes to Seattle Bubble and Mondo Boston.

Missing from the list are a lot of our blogger friends, for instance LA Curbed and On the Block. I know they link to us a lot, so we’re digging into finding out why their blog software doesn’t notify us that they’re linking to us. If you’re also missing from the list too here’s how our trackback feature works. You can also contact me with any questions (

Thanks to all the bloggers out there for writing about real estate and linking to Redfin. While there are a few “pros” on the list most of those blogs are a labor of love. We appreciate your hard work and hopefully have sent you some new traffic in return.


  • Margaret

    Great list of resources, they were. This is a very useful method to help the home buyers find their actual needs and fulfil them.
    Thanks for sharing a nice collection.

  • Glenn Kelman

    I love Bay Area Home Girl… and now I’m going to check out the rest, too…

  • Pauline W

    Ooh, thank you!
    Ten more excuses not to do what I should be doing!

  • Delroy

    Thanks for giving us a great resource. We will take number one next month… Im letting out sweatshop line managers know that there will be no AC and toilet breaks for the crew until we fix this problem and up our game.

  • Property Hanoi

    Thank you for sharing. These are great list for references. I will be checking their websites soon. Will be checking back for more of your posts !