One More Day Left for Vittana March Madness

Just a brief note of thanks to the folks who took up the challenge we posted on this blog at the beginning of the month, and used Vittana to loan a few bucks to the education fund of folks halfway around the world:

  • Patrick Tsao
  • Davin Hanlon
  • David Drake
  • Julian Land

Julian, David, Davin, Patrick: you guys are awesome. For all the rest of us, there’s still one day left to make a contribution, and it would be great to see more folks pitch in. Most of us in tech and real estate have so many more resources than a guy in Paraguay or Laos who’s just trying to get through a year of coursework on computer repair so he can have a better life. Let’s help out!

(Redfin employees, you can disregard this. It isn’t my place to tell employees how to spend their hard-earned money.)


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