Neil Speaks on Seducing Engineers, Polishing the Turd, Hiring Lucky People, Measuring Inputs, Perl Scripts as Managers

As part of Redfin’s brown-bag lunch series, the great Neil Roseman visited us today, wearing a goofy t-shirt he bought on Woot and a sports jacket. He led Amazon’s earliest engineering efforts — he bought the company’s third web server, ever — and rose to its greatest heights. Dozens of folks from Seattle’s startup community… Read More

You're Invited! Neil Roseman Speaks This Friday at Redfin

The Amazon has always been a place shrouded in legends of gold, lost cities, fountains of youth, cannibals and miracle cures. At Redfin our Amazon is We’ve marveled at how the company focuses ruthlessly on the customer, tests everything, executes flawlessly, innovates endlessly, and constantly re-asserts its identity as a Kindle-creating, cloud-supporting technology company even… Read More