Redfin Pre-Installed on Apple Store iPads

As you may have heard via Twitter, Redfin was pre-installed on all the Apple store iPads. We saw big traffic spikes at 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Saturday, which is when the Apple stores first opened on the East Coast and West Coast. My old college roommate first noticed it in Honolulu, then one of our engineers, Shahaf Abileah, took a picture of his father Adi using the app in a Seattle store. When I visited an Apple store on Sunday to see for myself how we were doing, I saw two people using the app. One saw me, and said “That guy works at Redfin!” And then he handed the iPad over, which was very nice but not necessary.


The iPhone app is nice and fast, but wasn’t built for such a large screen. We’re still trying to figure out what to do first: an iPad-app, a mobile site that would work across all sorts of Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices or just more website features that everyone can use. Sooner or later, I’m sure we’ll do all three. Just now we’re building an enormous amount of infrastructure for customers touring homes and going through the escrow process, so we can make the whole home-buying and selling experience delightful, not just the initial search.

Three cheers for all the developers who worked on the iPhone app. It’s a huge tribute from Apple to be included first in their television commercials, and now on their demo iPads. More than any other partner with whom we have worked, Apple appreciates quality, not just a big name or commercial reach (we’re in 12 major markets across the U.S. but now expanding very fast). Thanks Apple, and thanks again to all our Redfin iPhone engineers.


  • Eric

    iPad or Android first?

    Definitely Android in my view. I don’t think people will take their iPads out on weekends while they tour houses. I used Redfin’s iPhone app while I was house hunting.

    Plus I am guessing that Android devices still greatly outnumber iPads. I would expect that trend to continue.

    While at home browsing for houses I suspect most folks will use a regular browser. iPad owners will may use the iPad app but they are a much smaller customer base than normal web based users.

    Just my $0.02.

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  • Eric Heller

    Great work Redfin team! As a former Redfinner, it was so incredibly cool to be at an intown Atlanta Best Buy and see Redfin on every iPad with every customer in front of us opening it up. Go Apple for recognizing beauty in quality and design from other sources.

  • Courtney

    Very cool, you guys!

  • Jim Thomas

    …so my vote goes to ANDROID app! Love your site and played with the app on the iPad (in store).

    Would love to use your app on my Droid Incredible in two weeks. Android is where its at in 2010…

  • Boogie

    Please do an iPad app soon. I’d love to pinch-to-zoom around the maps on that great big screen. Going to the website now on the iPad it’s the one thing I really miss.

  • Jon

    I’d like to see a version of the App that has enhanced support for offline usage (Ipod Touch). If you could download all the listings for a area and store them on the device for offline usage, so I won’t have to run to McDonalds or Panera to find more open houses in the middle of a Sunday open house run.

  • Roberta Murphy

    PLEASE work on a Redfin app for the Droid.

    The new Incredible will be pulling in huge numbers of subscribers– including iPhone users who can no longer tolerate the constant dropped calls on AT&T network.

  • Charity

    My Droid is coming tomorrow. We are seeing 10-15 homes per week.


  • Droid

    droid +1

  • Cantare

    I'm one of the predicted flood of HTC incredible users, and I'd love to have an android app…preferably one that syncs with my redfin acct wrt searching and faves (i assume the iPhone app does this).

  • Cedron

    I used the iPhone app which is great. I can't stand AT&T so I'm moving to the eventual Droid X on Verizon so I desperately need Redfin on android.

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  • Sherman Boyd

    Android PLEASE!