The GMail Business and the Coffeeshop Culture Explained at Redfin Brown-Bags

Redfin’s brown-bag lunch program, designed to inject a big dose of alien super-power DNA into our little startup, has been a smash success, both here at Redfin and all over Seattle. Redfin folks and all the startup junkies who dropped by our office last Friday are still talking about Neil Roseman’s goofy, persuasive, insightful and just totally useful talk about how to scale an engineering organization.

Now, bolstered by bigger and more boisterous crowds at every lunch, we’re adding a few more speakers…

  • Next Wednesday, April 14, from noon – 1 p.m., Roy Gilbert from Google will talk about what he learned as a nuclear submarine lieutenant, and later running the GMail business and launching Google India from scratch to more than 1,000 folks. Roy also rowed two-man crew in college; supposedly the highest levels of lactic acid ever measured in a human being came from the thighs of a two-man crew competitor. Roy is a bad-ass.
  • Friday, May 7, Christine McHugh, who runs Starbucks Global Learning, will talk about training, employee development and culture, based on her experiences creating one of the most consistent, well-recognized brands in the world one Starbucks new hire at a time. This is a big topic for Redfin, because we’re hiring like crazy, but we still want Redfin to mean something precious and intensely felt. Kudos to the great Sophia Gray for coming into my office after the Starbucks annual meeting to talk about what  we could do to steal some of the Starbucks magic.

And that doesn’t even count the folks who are already scheduled to come in, including former aQuantive CEO Brian McAndrews on management best practices next Friday and Yelp’s Michelle Broderick at the end of the month on community marketing. To sign up to attend the series — we’d love to have you! — or just to get on the email list, leave a comment here. Thanks to Roy and Christine — and all our other brown-bag speakers — for visiting Redfin. We’re very excited and honored to have you both.

Update: Unfortunately we’re cancelling April 14th’s brown bag lunch with Roy Gilbert. We’ll let you know when we have a new date!


  • Jamie

    Your lactic acid fact is both intriguing and disgusting. Oh, and the fact that we have these other speakers coming in is pretty awesome too. Thanks, Glenn!

  • Glenn Kelman

    On a larger boat, you don’t work so hard because you’re only one of eight. If you’re rowing alone, you aren’t letting anyone down but yourself. But two people can really get into it…

  • Heather Kean

    I would love to attend!

  • Andrew McCaffrey

    I would love to attend on 4/14 and 4/16!


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