You're Invited! Neil Roseman Speaks This Friday at Redfin

The Amazon has always been a place shrouded in legends of gold, lost cities, fountains of youth, cannibals and miracle cures. At Redfin our Amazon is We’ve marveled at how the company focuses ruthlessly on the customer, tests everything, executes flawlessly, innovates endlessly, and constantly re-asserts its identity as a Kindle-creating, cloud-supporting technology company even as its grocery trucks rumble up and down the streets of Seattle.NeilRoseman

Most of all, we’ve been impressed that Amazon seems to update the code of its behemoth website almost every week. It’s like watching an elephant perform a pommel-horse routine.

So we’ve invited Neil Roseman, a ten-year Amazon veteran who led software engineering for the Kindle, MP3, video on demand and a slew of other ground-breaking products — to speak at Redfin this Friday at noon. Neil is a gifted speaker, a grizzled warrior, a beautiful mind. I think he wears an earring; his tattoo history is, for now, unknown. We are honored and excited to have him speak.

Neil’s talk is part of a brown-bag series open to the public, where we invite big-time operators who have built little companies into big companies to share their secrets. We need to know how many are coming so we can order enough pizza. To sign up for the whole series, just add your name to the comments here; if you want to sign up just to see Neil, leave a comment below.

The logistics:

2025 1st Avenue, 6th Floor
Seattle, Washington
Friday, April 2, noon

It should be fun: Neil said his presentation would have lots of pictures and stories in it. A pregnant lady heard about my sorry performance in a plank yoga contest that James Slavet incorporated into the last brown-bag and said she would come to the next one for a head-to-head competition. (Cynthia, I have been training. I am ready.)

(Photo credit: Bill Sheridan on Flickr)


  • http:/// Sam

    Could you add me to the list to see Neil. Sounds like an interesting talk and series.


  • Eric

    Please add me to the list. Thank you Glenn for making this series open to the Seattle startup community.

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