Guest Post from My Twin Brother: So Long, World Cup

My twin brother is an old-school letter writer with a Symbian phone. Here’s a note he just sent me about the World Cup, which has nothing to do with Redfin, startups or real estate, but still captured some of the mania that has gripped our office in the past few weeks…

Best look, individual:  Carles Puyol, Spain.  It’s easy to imagine him in his castellan, with torches, roasted meats and juggling dwarves.  I can’t decide if his nickname should be El Guapo or El Feo.

Worst look, individual:  Joachim Loew, German coach.  He could have a second career torturing Bruce Willis.  In fact, Loew, Puyol, Wayne Rooney and Raymond Domenech would be a very credible gang of Eurovillains….

Best in-studio moment:  When ESPN analyst Ruud Gullit began talking about all the beer and partying planned for his hotel room after the Dutch wins.  You could practically see the envy written on the faces of the ESPN hosts as they saw their “colleague,” far from being a buttoned-down suburban dad like them, was in fact an international soccer god.

Worst in-studio moment:  When ESPN showed viewers the location of Spain and Germany on a map.

What I’m going to miss more than I should:  ESPN’s introductory sequence, with the flags soaring over a verdant African landscape, with gamboling villagers and baby giraffes, as the strings and horns swell.  A world of humans and even animals united by the joy of the joga bonito….

Best celebration of a goal:  M. Bradley, 2d goal against Slovenia.  He looks like someone who has slain a dragon.

Worst celebration of a goal:  Almost any goal by Brazil.  They look like about as excited as someone who has just finished a nice dinner.