The Great Ryan Dahl to Speak Wednesday on Node.JS

Having recruited key architects from Facebook and Twitter for engineer-to-engineer talks on Hadoop and Scala, Redfin now turns to Ryan Dahl to talk about Node.js, the toolkit he built for creating web servers in JavaScript. By separating the web server from operating-system threading, Node.js’s claim to fame is scaling with less engineering effort and lower memory requirements.

Since Ryan created Node.JS, he’s the perfect person to talk to about alternative approaches to web servers, and his talk is one of several we’ve hosted recently on building large-scale web applications. Together with Pandora, Digg and Greylock, we’ve put together a whole speaker series on topics as diverse as Clusto, Cassandra and HTML 5 vs. native mobile applications.

Now Wednesday’s talk is at 6 p.m. in Redfin’s San Francisco offices, 44 Montgomery Street, 13th floor. We’re ordering pizza and beer, but we need to know for how many. Please let us know if you’d like to come by visiting the event’s Facebook page… so far, the turn-out is looking fantastic, so it should be a good time.