Merchant Sensibility

The more complicated a business gets, the more of a math problem it becomes. Running a lemonade stand, you don’t need to analyze gross margins or survey customers because you squeeze the lemonade yourself, and hand it to every customer. But once you have employees and customers you’ve barely met, numbers become more important. For… Read More

Are You Gonna Finish That?

We’ve talked before about forceful personalities and humility, artistic endeavors and healthy organizations, so we’re posting this letter from my mild-mannered twin brother in Massachusetts, on the Weinstein Brothers’ gruesome creative process… *~*~*~* In the laundry room, I picked up Peter Biskind’s book on Miramax and the Weinstein brothers. The dust jacket has a blurb from… Read More

The Likelihood That an Agent Will Sell a Listing? Less Than 50%

A couple of weeks ago, Redfin engineers got together for a hackathon to prototype features we’d like to see on the site. One team, featuring Jane Nemenman, Jamie DeMichele, Dane Brandon and Llewellyn Botelho, built a widget for each listing that showed the listing agent’s track record: how many listings he had on the… Read More