Tweet This!

Somebody at Twitter likes us. Redfin today was one of about 30 launch partners to get advance notice on the new Tweet Button that allows you to easily use Twitter to share a listing with your legion of fans, without ever leaving the Redfin site. As of about 8 this morning, the new button is already live on

When you click the button, a popup appears above the listing that allows you to type in a message, and Twitter automatically includes a shortened form of the link to the page. We’re glad it’s a popup rather than an in-line tool, so clickjacking becomes impossible.

And we wish that we could claim this involved deep and dark technological breakthroughs, but Twitter actually made it really easy: with one line of code, we embedded the button, identified a Redfin Twitter address to include with the post, and specified how we wanted the Tweet count to appear on our listing page. The only hard part was deciding where to put the button. We stuck it under the big yellow box on the right, which is where all our revenue comes from. This is a pretty prominent spot:

What was interesting to me about this is first that we heard from Twitter on Wednesday morning last week, and they expected all their partners to have the feature ready to ship by Tuesday. Not a big deal since it was one line of code, but not many companies could get a dozen websites to drop everything the way Twitter does.

We were also impressed by the quality of the documentation and support, and the fact that all the folks at Twitter were humble and nice, a characteristic we first noticed when Alex Payne visited us to give a talk on Scala.

Of course, we’re excited about this. Twitter has already been phenomenally successful at getting all sorts of folks to build hundreds of clients on different devices for sending out tweets, but now we expect Twitter to become embedded in millions of websites, increasing its reach by orders of magnitude. Thanks to Sasha, Andy and the whole team for rallying to get this in, and thanks to Twitter for including us in your launch!


  • Harshit Parikh

    Not sure, but I am missing the entire sections on “Recent Sales”/”Price changes” and “home value estimates” after your update last night.. what gives?

    • mattgoyer

      Hi Harshit, unfortunately we had a problem with our update last night and had to temporarily turn off those sections. While we've been able to turn on some sections like the home value estimate, the recent sales is still turned off. We hope to turn it back on soon!