What Really Matters in the Debate Between VCs and Angels

It all started at 9 a.m. on July 30, when Dave McClure launched his blog post declaring that venture capitalists are dinosaurs. Since then, TechCrunch has posted four televised smack-downs between venture capitalists and angel investors, wondered aloud if Silicon Valley’s disruptors are themselves about to get disrupted, and will undoubtedly cover a live debate… Read More

Silicon Valley Is America’s Wealth Engine, Not Its Job Engine

The New York Times’s Catherine Rampell might have been one of the first to notice that Silicon Valley’s magic isn’t creating an enormous number of jobs. Today’s front-page article cites Redfin’s endless demand for the world’s best engineers, but mostly it focuses on unemployed folks in markets like Corvallis, Oregon, the home of the Beaver and,… Read More