One in Five Facebook Employees Has No Imagination Whatsoever

Whoa! Shocking news, guys. An engineer left Google for Facebook. The great Lars Rasmussen, creator of Google Maps and Google Wave, quit Google Thursday to join Facebook. This has, admittedly, happened before. In June, Matthew Papakipos defected from Google’s Chrome team. In May, it was mobile guru Erick Tseng. Even Facebook’s chef, Josef Desimone, was recruited… Read More

The Foreclosure Freeze Won’t Hurt the Real Estate Market

It has become an article of faith among politicians and journalists that the foreclosure freeze will drive down home prices. “The moratoriums, both state-mandated and self-inflicted, can be incredibly destructive,” a professor of real estate recently warned. “This can lead to further house price declines.” Then on Wednesday, a treasury official told Congress that robo-signed foreclosure documents and… Read More

The Hangover's Over. Reality Isn't So Bad. (October Roundup)

Every month, Redfin publishes two newsletters on real estate prices. One, usually published on the last Tuesday of every month, is a Redfin Roundup, which synthesizes data collected by economists, government agencies and others to provide a complete portrait of what happened in the market over the past month. The other is Redfin Insider, usually… Read More

Cluster Buck Rogers!

Big news! Redfin has begun clustering listing search results! We’ve rolled out the feature to Seattle, Portland, the Bay Area, Sacramento and Phoenix so far, and expect to offer it across the site by this Friday. Clustering fixes a big problem. For years, the result most visitors have seen when first searching the site… Read More