Saved Searches Come to the iPhone!

Ahoy Redfinnians! We just got word from Apple that an update to our iPhone App will hit the store in the next hour or so. The big new feature is the ability to run saved searches from on your iPhone:

Running a Saved Search

You can also save searches run on your iPhone, for later use from either the iPhone or a web browser:

Save from iOS Map

Our goal is to build a home-search application that easily moves from your computer to your mobile device and back again. Since we first released an iPhone app, we’ve shared users’ list of favorite properties between the iPhone app and our website, and allowed an iPhone user to photograph a listing and upload the picture to our site.  Saved searches is the next step.

We also want to make it easy for people to move from the virtual experience Redfin offers to actual service from our real estate agents. Some day, the iPhone app will let people schedule tours or contact a Redfin agent about a property.

Even we have been surprised at how important the iPhone app has become to our business. Last Saturday, when we assembled a dozen Redfin users to hear what they had to say about us, one attendee was shocked to learn we even had a website. Her entire Redfin experience had been limited to our iPhone app.

This just puts an exclamation point on Fred Wilson’s thesis that companies should build for mobile  first, and the web second.  There are few activities more mobile than a real estate search, and few that engage users so deeply. Next up for us are Android and iPad apps.

We’ve been promising to support other devices for a long time, but when each device is a side-project, we end up putting it off. So now we’re building a dedicated mobile team. Before anyone asks when we’re supporting Android or the iPad, can I direct you to the Redfin jobs page? If you know a pioneering engineer in San Francisco, have her send me a resume: glenn (at) redfin (com). It’s a very, very sweet gig.


  • Troon Real Estate

    I will have to try this upgraded app. It will be nice to have saved searches right on my phone.

    • GlennKelman

      Let us know what you think Troon…

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  • White Bear Lake Homes

    Glenn, here in Minneapolis, most of my buyers are relying on their smart phones to map out the properties that they'd like to see…but few are using their smart phones to store and pull-up saved properties. I sometimes use my iPhone to quickly pull up a house we drove by on the way to one of our scheduled showings (just to give my buyers some quick info), but it seems that my buyers are still relying on me (their realtor) to serve as the captain during our showings…kind of like follow-the-leader, if you will. This all being said, I'm working in a market (Minneapolis) in which Redfin is not yet a household real estate name…so this all may be foreshadowing what is to come here in Minneapolis. Thanks for the post!

    • GlennKelman

      Yes, we agree, that's why we focused on mapping listings first. But there are plenty of people who find themselves waiting for a bus, wanting to run the search they defined on their computer…

  • Cballhagen

    Thanks for the update. I have noticed that on my phone. The new applications coming out is incredible. thanks

  • JG

    Do you have a WP7 phone app in the works?

  • Ariel Bierl

    I am going to download this app tonight. Thanks for the info!

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