Engineers As Marketeers, Marketeers as Engineers

What’s interesting about this weekend’s debate over Fred Wilson’s contention that “marketing is what you do when your product or service sucks” is that it re-enacts an old battle: engineers’ wariness toward marketing, and marketing folks’ distrust of engineers’ build-it-and-they-will-come naivete. But the truth is that the battle-lines between the two sides just don’t exist… Read More

The Double-Dip (Probably) Stops Dipping in March (Feb. Roundup)

Every month, Redfin publishes two newsletters on real estate prices. One, usually published on the last Tuesday of every month, is a Redfin Roundup, which synthesizes data collected by economists, government agencies and others to provide a complete portrait of what happened in the market over the past month. The other is Redfin Insider, usually… Read More

A Few Good Interns…

Redfin, Madrona Venture Group and eight other startups today launched a new program to recruit computer-science students to work in the Seattle area as interns this summer. The selection process is rigorous but it’s a sweet deal for the finalists: not only do you get to interview at a who’s who of Seattle startups all… Read More