The Redfin Blog, To Go

We’ve been a little quiet lately, mostly because Redfin has been busy: with our annual kick-off party, a big upgrade to the website in the works for March, and a new initiative to give each local real estate team the latitude to run as a small business, judged by customer satisfaction and profits.

In the meantime, our loyal fans can read all about our daring exploits on Greylock’s blog, in an online interview published today about D&D, the TRS-80 and sexiness. Or you can see our take on home prices in a guest column we wrote, also today, for The Wall Street Journal. For the first time in three years, we think the market’s getting fundamentally better.

We’ve been writing for other blogs more because other blogs often ask, but also because it’s fun to reach a wider audience. We haven’t mentioned it here yet but we also recently published an essay on TechCrunch citing Groupon, BankSimple, Redfin, Square and Amazon Fresh as examples of a new type of hybrid business, with retail operations that make their online technologies better.

We’ll get back to posting to this blog next week. I miss talking to you guys.