Memo to Amazon: Pay the Sales Tax & Put Everyone Else in E-Commerce Six Feet Under

We revere Amazon, and generally try not to give other companies advice. But does anyone know why Amazon doesn’t give up the state sales-tax fight and station its monstrous fulfillment space-ships over every major American city? Benefits: Deliver everything same-day including groceries the way it does here in Seattle Go after UPS, using its analytical… Read More

Home Prices Stabilize, And the Whole Market Grinds to a Halt

Every month, Redfin publishes two newsletters on real estate prices. One, usually published on the last Tuesday of every month, is a Redfin Roundup, which synthesizes data collected by economists, government agencies and others to provide a complete portrait of what happened in the market over the past month. The other is Redfin Insider, usually… Read More

Does It Really Move the Needle?

One increasingly common refrain I hear among product managers, designers and engineers everywhere is the question of whether a new project will “really move the needle.” During an idle chat with Redfin about how we could analyze traffic patterns and touring activity to determine if a listing was likely to sell quickly, the great Dan… Read More