The Wall Street Journal Obviously Isn’t a British Tabloid. So Why Do So Many People Want to Believe That It Is?

Until last night, I’d never agreed with the Wall Street Journal editorial page, which is far to the right of any moderate conservative or liberal stance. But I couldn’t agree more with its spirited defense of itself in the wake of the British hacking scandal. Already, Reuters’s Felix Salmon has posted a survey asking if the… Read More

Paradise Found: Redfin for Android

What was unnerving about the career of English poet John Milton was his unshakable conviction beginning in adolescence that he would write Christianity’s great poem, and the actual age at which, deep in blindness, he would dictate the elaborate epic to his daughters: 58. Paradise Lost encompassed the early modern world’s total understanding of theology… Read More

For the Most Affordable Homes, Many in the Middle-Class Need Not Apply

It is strange but true that the most universally agreed-upon tragedy in American real estate is falling prices, otherwise known as more affordable prices. But the actual tragedy is that the people who need affordable homes the most today can’t buy them: banks today often won’t lend money to reach-up buyers and, when selling foreclosed… Read More