Right Now, It’s All About the Inventory (August 2011 Roundup)

Every month, Redfin publishes two newsletters on real estate prices. One, usually published on the last Tuesday of every month, is a Redfin Roundup, which synthesizes data collected by economists, government agencies and others to provide a complete portrait of what happened in the market over the past month. The other is Redfin Insider, usually… Read More

My Critic, Steve Jobs

I have sometimes been a critic of Steve Jobs: for outsourcing manufacturing, overlooking charities, diverting idealists, sidestepping the web or simply demanding the best. But long before that, Steve Jobs was a critic of me. I hear him whenever I do something mediocre or make a business decision that has no soul. I hear him whenever I… Read More

Get Back in the Game

Everything I’ve read about the American economy argues that our most serious problem is the number of able-bodied men and women who in previous generations would be working but now haven’t worked in years. Such articles evoke the ghetto’s despair, the laid-off factory worker, the aging salaryman left behind by a digital economy. But my… Read More

Online Message Boards & Communities: "Think of It Like a Nightclub"

Bridget Frey, Redfin’s newest engineering director, recently joined us from Lithium, the software provider for our for-consumers-and-by-consumers online discussion site, Redfin Forums. Bridget hosted a brown-bag talk at Redfin yesterday about how to build online communities like Redfin Forums, and especially about how to get the most out of a software-provider like Lithium. We aren’t… Read More