First Big Android Update

Woohoo! Only two months after its release, our first big update is available for download.

We got lots of feedback for improvements and new features, and we listened:

  • Sort results: Just like on our website, you can now sort search results and favorites lists by price, address, beds, baths, city, days on market and much more – simply hit the “Sort” button in the context menu.
  • Search radius: We now highlight the search radius right on the map, making it easier to tell where you’re searching.
  • Map for each home: Every home is mapped right on its details page, so it’s easy to see where it is (we actually snuck this in last week.)
  • Bugs & issues: We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs and addressed common issues to make it faster, more stable, and easier to use.

Keep the feedback and reviews coming. We’re listening and always making improvement to our Android App.

Sort Results

Search Radius

Android App Sort Results Android App Search Radius


  • Glen Davis

    Android Updates makes the New changes for the improvement is well. So its good time to get the once again new  changes to the people and better update is well.


    • Atlasv32

      Why is the redfin android app so far behind the iPhone app? There's no saved searches, so I need to reenter all the search parameters for all the different neighborhoods I'm looking at.