Redfin's iPhone App Keeps Getting Better

Less than a month after our last big iPhone release, we’ve got another one today! And this release isn’t just a few bug fixes; we’ve added a bunch more features.

Go get it now! It’s got all this great stuff:

iPhone App Details Page

  • X-out homes: Just like you can on the website, you can x-out homes you don’t like and it all syncs with your account.
  • Simpler navigation: We now take you straight to a home’s details from the map or list views.
  • Map for each home: Every home is mapped right on its details page, so it’s easy to see where it is (we also added this to the Android app!)
  • New list view: The list view has been cleaned up considerably, and does a much better job calling out important details and pending home sales.
  • Delete off-market favorites: By popular demand, you can now delete your off-market favorites by swiping them and hitting “delete”.
  • Faster and more stable: We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs and made things even faster.

We owe a big thanks to intern Seth Goldenberg for doing a bunch of the coding as well as a ton of other folks on our SF engineering team like Navtej, Andy, Dan, Ben, Jansen and Steven. It was truly a team effort getting it out the door.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see, please let us know in the comments below or by emailing us at

One last thing: we’re taking a little break from working on the iPhone app so that we can focus on releasing our all-new app for the iPad. We’ll keep you posted!