You Complete Us; Let Us Auto-Complete Your Search

Today’s Redfin upgrade brings with it a couple new features you’ve told us would make your search faster and easier.  Check them out:

Auto-complete for search locations: Ever had trouble remembering the peculiar spelling of a city or neighborhood? Now, as soon as you type the third character of the city or neighborhood name on the home page or in the search box, we’ll offer suggestions to help you fill the rest in. We’d hate for a mindless spelling error to interfere with your home search.

Listing details open in the same tab: We heard you wanted quicker, smoother transitions between the map page and the listing details page.  The listing details page now opens in the same tab as the map, so you can use the back and forward buttons to move quickly between those pages. For those of you who derive comfort from the sight of a screen full of tabs, you can still open the listing details page in a new tab by right-clicking View Details and then left clicking Open link in new tab or by Ctrl + clicking View Details.

As always, if there are any other changes you’d like us to make to help improve our site, email them to

Happy searching!


  • Russ

    Is there any way to make the detail open in a different tab, WITHOUT use the ctrl key? The old way better IMHO as it  allows for quick scanning selecting of properties for later detailed viewing. Having to use the back is all the time is disconcerting and wasting time.

    Thank you for you consideration and for making an AMAZING site.

    • Rachel Musiker

      You can open in a new tab using just your mouse (without the control key). Just right-click “View Details” and then left-click “Open link in new tab.”

  • def

    I agree with Russ: The change in how the navigation works is terrible. It makes the site far less usable. Instead of quickly opening and closing property details pages, I have to either wait to reload the search results page, or I have to tediously right-click to get the context menu and pick the “open in new window” option there.This is such a fundamental change in how the site navigation works that I assumed it was a bug and posted a question about this on the forum (…. In never occured to me that you would make a change like this on purpose.I don't know how you can claim this change creates “quicker, smoother transitions” — every time I click the back arrow to go back to the search results page, I watch my DSL modem flash and the status bar in the browser cycles through all the things being downloaded. With this change, your servers must be getting hammered due to all the data that is getting downloaded over and over. My home DSL connection is slow enough that this constant downloading makes it difficult to use the site.As I noted in the forum post, this is especially bad on Mac because your site somehow blocks the standard keyboard combos used to open a link in a new tab or window. (e.g., in Safari, cmd + click opens a link in a new background tab. cmd + shift + click opens a link in a new foreground tab. These don't work when clicking the “view details” button. On Mac, ctrl + click is a shortcut for right-click; it opens the context menu.) If I could use the standard keyboard combos, this wouldn't be quite so bad — but I can't, due to something about the way your site is written.Again, as I noted in the forum post, I'm also seeing an intermittent issue where clicking the back arrow is messing up the search results page so I don't return to the same page I started from. When this happens, I have to reset all the search criteria and let the search results reload. It's not a “quicker, smoother transition” if I have to keep re-entering the search criteria.FWIW, the navigation still works the old way on older browsers. I tried a system running Windows XP and IE7 and that worked the old way — clicking the “view details” button opened a new window for the property details. Same thing with my Ubuntu Linux system running an old (3.6) version of Firefox.  I'm seriously thinking about trying to find an old copy of Firefox for my Mac to see if I can get the old behavior back that way.

  • def

    And why did your comment system just eat all the line breaks I put in my post? It wasn't supposed to be one giant paragraph! And there's no “edit” button to fix it…

  • Joseph Burrows

    I am also interested in getting to know if there's a way to open the search result in new tab?

    • Rachel Musiker

      There are a couple of ways to open the listing details page in a new tab: You can do it by right-clicking “View Details” and then left-clicking “Open link in new tab” or by holding the Control key down while you click “View Details.”

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  • gforce

    i don't like the redfin auto-complete feature.
    i'd prefer to have it removed.

    firefox has smarter auto-complete, which is a lot faster than redfin auto-complete.

    in firefox, before redfin had auto-complete, i typed one letter, and it usually had the city i want in the drop down list.
    in redfin, i have to type at least 3 and sometimes more characters to display the city.

    • Andy Taylor

      Hello gforce,

      The browser-based autocomplete is a touch different than what we're showing here. In this case, we actually match what you've typed against any and all neighborhood, cities, and regions we have in our system, exposing a far larger set of search terms than most users ever even knew existed.

      The browser-based auto complete only matches against what you've typed previously. We'll consider doing something similar (recent searches) in a future release though, and thank you for the feedback!


      Lead Product Manager | Redfin