The Best Ideas of 2012

Quartz, the Atlantic Monthly’s new business magazine, recently asked me to compile a list of the best ideas to emerge this year from the technology industry, in an essay published just after Christmas. Here are some of the highlights: The last-second economy: in the I’ll-call-you-when-I’m-close era, consumers expect everything to be available on a moment’s notice,… Read More

A Beautiful Find

Redfin today launched Redfin Collections, a gorgeous new feature for you to share sets of listing photos with your friends, your real estate agent and the vast Redfin community of real estate aficionados: Already the thousands of Redfin fans invited to a September trial of Collections have created a catalog of desire, collecting photos… Read More

Tour of Duty

Starting today, you’ll be able to request an in-person home tour with a Redfin agent right from your iPhone or iPad. Now, when you see a home that you think will go fast, you can request a free, no-obligation tour with a Redfin agent as easily as ordering a pizza. Seven days a week, virtually… Read More