Twelve Months of Tech-Savvy Hunkiness

Absurd Ideas that Have Gone through My Mind While Working at Redfin over the Years:

  • Goth Fridays
  • Everyone Wear Red Pants Just Like Glenn Day!
  • Everyone Dress like Vice President of Real Estate Operations, Scott Nagel Day! (We actually got this one to happen…)
  • Redfin: The Movie (Casting occurs with every new hire…)
  • The plot for Redfin: The Movie. Must include international intrigue, car chases, explosions, and most definitely a martial arts master, a dog side-kick or both.
  • The Men of Redfin I.T. Calendar

Several of us joked about making a Men of Redfin I.T. Calendar over lunch a few years ago. We created multiple scenarios such as, “A voluptuous Ken in a provocative pose in the server room!” We laughed our asses off and went back to work.

But the joke always resurfaced. So this year I simply walked over to their man cave/office and asked them if they’d be willing to pose for a calendar. Here are their responses when individually asked:

Ken: Sure
Daniel: Uh, I guess so. Sure.
Andy: I guess so. Okay.
Mac: Why would anyone want to look at THAT?!??
Eric: Hell yes. I am so in.

A disturbingly enthusiastic Glenn Kelman even offered to pose for November. (“Um, yeah. Thanks Glenn, but I really want to give the I.T. guys their moment in the sun, you know what I mean? But I’ll definitely keep your offer in mind.”)

Baby New Year/I.T. Manager Eric

We printed up and handed out 300 Men of Redfin I.T. Calendars for our annual company meeting in Vegas last week. Anyone who wanted one (???) donated any amount they saw fit to MIND Research Institute. We chose MIND because they do amazing work, the money sent to them goes to the right places, we like math and computers, and the guys of I.T. really liked them. We just hope they’ll accept our final check given the unconventional fundraising method.

Winter Wonderland “Twins” of Systems Analyst Mac

Shot over the course of a month around the office using thrift store props and crappy IKEA floor lamps, these images would not have been worth diddly–squat if it weren’t for a little help from my Redfin friends. Hippie Goddess Lily Supardan brought her expert photographer’s eye and Graphic Designer Angela Salvo magically transported our studs to idyllic shires, romantically secluded beaches, and winter wonderlands through the miracle of Photoshop.

Colossal and eternal THANK YOUS to our heroes of the I.T. Department: Ken Brush, Eric Hollenbeck, Mac Jonson, Daniel Kasen, and Andy Wickell for their willingness to make love to the camera for the next twelve months. They brought Smizing to new levels, thereby making the halls of Redfin full of even more laughter. And, we finally got that picture of a voluptuous Ken in a provocative pose in the server room.

Ken hiding Easter eggs in the server room

Want your own calendar? Be of one of the first 50 people to donate $15 to MIND, then leave a comment here saying: “I donated! Send me a calendar!” We’ll contact you about how to ship your calendar later this week.

Updated 5pm we inadvertently uploaded some gigantic images. We apologize both for the file size and for the extreme closeups you may have experienced.


  • VxD

    The Ken Bunny, he's so fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janelle Saylor

    We've raised over $2,400 so far thanks to all the Redfinnians who donated at last week's meeting! Thank you to all who have and who (hopefully) will donate to MIND Research Institute. So blown away!

  • mykie Gunderson

    Wow, dodged a bullet with this one!  I just can't compare to the always photogenic Ken Brush!

  • notoriousART

    Years ago the UW CSE grad students had a similar idea. Check their calendar

  • Fernando Ferrufino

    I love my calendar and our awesome IT Dept! Although Kyle's Alabama calendar still strokes my funny bone.

  • Karen Lee

    I donated! Please send me a calendar. :)

  • Doug Livas

    I love the calendar but I can't wait for January to end haha!

  • Alex Loddengaard


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