What Happens on a Home Tour Doesn’t Always Stay on a Home Tour

Real estate has a weird side, and we at Redfin think it’s about time the public had a glimpse into it. We’re proud to introduce Real Estate Confidential (@REConfidential), a new Twitter feed that lets the public in on the strange and sometimes inexplicable things our agents encounter when they’re giving home tours.

Of course, we remove the names and identifying information to protect the innocent and quirky, but these are true stories shared directly by our agents. A first dozen covered drugs, sex and aggressive tenants. Here are a few of our favorites:

REConfidential tweets

Real Estate Confidential is just the latest way that Redfin is taking our “there’s-no-such-thing-as-too-much-information” philosophy to the next level. We still have Agent Insights, where our agents who have toured a home give you the inside scoop that you won’t find in the listing descriptions. We still survey every customer and publish every review. And now, there’s Real Estate Confidential, giving the behind-the-scenes dirt on what really happens on a home tour.

Got your own home tour stories to share?  Tweet them to us at @REConfidential!