Beginning Thursday, Redfin Will Not Display Zillow Listings

Redfin received notice late last Friday that on Thursday, February 9, Zillow will no longer be sending us for-sale-by-owner listings and other manually posted listings that we can display on our site.

Zillow primarily gets listings directly from individual brokers, not from the Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) that all brokers use to share listings with one another, so Zillow is governed by different restrictions than we are. This means that we will continue to display for-sale-by-owner listings from other sources, wherever it’s allowed by the local MLS to which we belong.

We aren’t crazy about the decision, but presumably neither is Zillow: Zillow’s listings got 35,000 views on our site alone in January, and many of the people who viewed them ended up on Zillow’s website too. We’ll continue to show Zillow’s Zestimates, mortgage data and any other information from Zillow we can get that would be useful to our customers. The Zestimates drive lots more traffic from Redfin to Zillow than the for-sale-by-owner listings.


  • A. Lewis

    Oh well, less data is worse for the consumer. This means that I have to spend more time on Zillow to try to get more complete information about my marketplace. I don't have infinite time. So this means less time on Redfin.

    I strongly urge you to use your clout to renegotiate deals such that you are allowed (or Zillow is allowed) to post this information.

    The only reason not have more info is to increase leverage against buyers and prop up prices to benefit realtors. Business as usual in this industry, I'm afraid.

    • GlennKelman

      My guess is that Zillow may be removing the data from its own site, but I don't know.
      We will always display any listing we can get our hands on, for precisely the reasons you describe…

    • mallthus

      My guess is that in order for this information to be re-added to Redfin, Zillow's TOS will need to change. My legal mind says that Zillow will then need to notify users of their site (such as FSBO clients) of the change and provide an opt out period before the new TOS can take effect. Only after that waiting period could the listings be again made available to Redfin and other sites.

  • Aboo93

    For now, I think it is a good idea. My unit got meshed with two other unit postings on the same one listing on Zillow. Not cool, misleading. As of right now m not listing, but my pictures are hijacked for all to see.

  • Surferbikerdude

    well, i say good riddance to a lot of those fsbo listings that have been on the market 300+ days, 50% above area comps, terrible pictures, etc.  imho, it'll only make more relevant the info that's found on the redfin site

  • Beau1k

    Zillow is probably threatened by Redfin and is desperate to maintain market share.  Nobody likes Zillow.  Realtors hate it…the “Zestimates” are inaccurate…there's no price history like Redfin…what's the point of Zillow?!

    • mallthus

      This is related to Zillow's TOS, not any market driven changes. The
      agreement under which FSBO listings were added to Zillow preclude Zillow
      from sharing them with other companies (such as Redfin).

      You can try to read the tea leaves in a statement like this all day long, but that won't brew you a cup of coffee.

  • Gloriabmoore

    When zillow started out they were much more accurate than they are now. If you refinance they they take it as the value and then do add or subtract for the market each month. You can now have a house with the same floor plan and from same neighborhood with such  a different “zestmate” price – mine is now $100,000 less on the zestimater after we refinaced less than we originally owed. It is crazy!