Now Available on Redfin: Filter by HOA Dues!

Our website wizards at Redfin are always on the prowl for new features that can wow and amaze our customers. Even more so when it’s a feature you’ve told us you wanted, and that no other major real estate site has.

To that end, we launched a feature on our search menu today to let you filter out homes above a maximum monthly homeowner’s association dues amount – or even “No HOA.”  Might not seem like a big deal at first glance (and maybe it’s not if you have an extra $600/month handy), but anyone looking at condos or townhomes can tell you that HOA dues can be the difference between a great home you can afford and one that’s out of your price range.

You can find the Max HOA option under Home Facts on the search menu.  This can be used for any search, including your saved searches, and even used on the iPad or iPhone through a saved search.  And it’s another way you can refine the homes that are exactly what you’re looking for with our Listing Alert feature.

So thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming! We do turn your ideas into features!  And in the meantime, what do you think of the new filter?


  • Sc

    Very nice. You should come up with a way to search by total monthly payment, though. If someone is searching with a range of prices, high HOA dues might be ok on the low end of the range but not ok on the high end. You'd have to make some assumptions about interest and tax rates, which is definitely tricky, but I think it's really the only sane way for someone to truly search by price. There are too many factors to boil it down to a single dimension.

    • Nick Andron

      It'd make more sense for the home buyer to work backwards to a home price. Work with a bank or broker to determine maximum monthly payment the buyer can afford, then add in the rest of context (down payment, etc) to figure out an approximate home price that would be the range for the buyer. 

  • Gforce

    i  just added condos and townhouses to my daily searches.

    i used to ignore them because i couldn't filter out all the high HOA places.

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  • Kate

    On its surface this may sound like useful information. BUT as a condo board member I can tell you that there is a lot that stat doesn't tell you. There are plenty of condos with “low” HOA dues that end up requiring special assessments because they haven't adequately funded their reserves. So, your low dues might well mean costly special assessments down the road. As a caveat to buyers, be sure to look closely at the condo's reserve study to see reserve funding and what capital projects are on the horizon. In addition, if a condo has a underfunded reserves, find out what their plan is to bring reserves up to a level that will avoid special assessments. 

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  • cdscds