Search Homes and ‘Hoods Even Faster with our Google Chrome App!

***Update 9/14/2012***

We’re constantly evaluating how our website and applications are performing, paying special attention to reactions from our customers. In the case of our Google Chrome App, usage has been limited and it hasn’t been getting much love from consumers, so we have made the decision to discontinue it. Of course, you can continue to search homes for sale on, as well as our iOS and Android apps.

***End of Update***

There’s a new, faster way to search for homes without having to type ‘’ into your address bar or click your Redfin bookmark! Our Redfin Search App, now available for Google Chrome, integrates the power of Redfin right into your browser and allows you to search for homes from anywhere on the internet. Here’s how it works:

  • Type ‘rf’ plus a neighborhood, city, street address or MLS# into the address bar to search for it on Redfin.  We’ll even auto-complete your search term for you if we can!

  • Highlight and right-click on an address or location on any webpage and select ‘Search Redfin for…’

It’s pretty simple, but incredibly useful. So head to the chrome web store using Google Chrome, download Redfin Search, and start searching!

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about our new apps and features. Feel free to leave a note here or send an email to


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