Never Tell Me the Odds

In a board call last month, I finally told everyone that the commission savings that Redfin offers home sellers and home buyers dramatically lowers our profits margins and there is no evidence that it drives more revenue. We have, I told our investors, given away $100 million because of my irrational belief that Redfin was… Read More

Strange Days: Real Estate Enters the Twilight Zone (April 2012 Roundup)

Howdy Redfinnians! Here’s our monthly round-up of everything that moved in the U.S. real estate market! But first the Redfin news… Do you remember in Gladiator, when Russell Crowe says “on my signal, unleash hell?” That’s what Redfin did last month, launching: A Home-Pricing Tool: see the pictures and prices of very recent comparable home… Read More