What Neighborhood is Right For You? Ask Redfin!

In life and websites, it’s the small things that count. Redfin’s latest update included a few of the small things that can really make a difference in how people use the site to search for a home to buy or to take the first step toward selling the one they have.

Buyers: We’ll suggest other neighborhoods you might like

When you’re looking for a home, you get a pretty good idea of what neighborhood is the right fit for you. When a lot of buyers save their home searches in two or three specific neighborhoods, we know there are some similarities there that other Redfin users should know about. So we use our data to show you which neighborhoods people with similar search criteria are checking out. For example, people who saved searches in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington DC also saved searches in U Street Corridor, Petworth and Mount Pleasant. It’s important because it gives buyers the chance to consider some other areas they didn’t think about before, especially when a lack of homes for sale in one neighborhood causes them to look elsewhere.

Columbia Heights

Sellers: You can edit your home in the Home Price Tool

Redfin gets some of our home information from public records, which are good, but they’re not perfect. Now, if the number of bedrooms, bathrooms or square footage you see for your home in the Redfin Home Price Tool isn’t accurate, you can fix it. Just click Adjust Details to update the facts and change the comparison properties, and you can save those changes in the estimate the Home Price Tool shows you. However, any changes you make will only be visible to you, and not to other people who use the tool. This was the number one request from people who used our Home Price Tool, and it helps us give you a more accurate price estimate for your home.

Home Value Estimator


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