The Best of @REConfidential

Home is where people feel free to let their freak flags fly, so when a real estate agent takes a client on a home tour, what they’re actually touring is a part of the homeowner’s strange side. The things our agents encounter on an almost-daily basis include nudity, drugs, sex, abstract wallpaper, taxidermic oddities and countless other ways that are best described in pictures.

Since Redfin chronicles these on Twitter at @REConfidential, we decided to show our blog readers some of the best, and ask that you visit the @REConfidential Twitter feed and give us a follow if you get a laugh.

There’s a fungus among us

Are you a fungophile? Apparently you can grow mushrooms right on your living room carpet!
- 10:13 AM – 15 May 12 via web

Mold included?

Think we should bother ordering a mold test for this basement?
- 9:31 AM – 11 May 12 via web

Sleeping it off

Found man in the backyard during tour of a short sale listing. Verified he was alive – and snoring loudly!
- 9:10 AM – 24 Apr 12 via web

Awkward guest bathroom

This guest bathroom greeted us on a tour of a 5,000 sqft home in a gated community. Seems overly hospitable to me…
- 10:11 AM – 23 Apr 12 via web

Stairway to Weirdness

“Consider yourself a chosen one if you have been allowed to enter this basement of Treasures!” -the basement stairs
- 8:13 AM – 26 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

The future of the NHL

Kids built this mini roller hockey rink and a gear rack in an unfinished basement.
- 10:16 AM – 15 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

This last one is not for the faint of heart, or those who may be reading this on their lunch break. Click here for the final image…

This little piggy…

Looks like the sellers forgot to find a better place for the partially butchered pig. Warning: pic is a bit gruesome.
- 4:00 PM – 19 Mar 12 via web