We’ll Push, You Steer: Instant Updates Available on iPhone & iPad

If you’re a serious home buyer, you’ve been following the news on the housing market about bidding wars, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sales and the depressed and depressing inventory situation. When things are moving this fast, the home you want to buy probably hasn’t been sitting on the market for weeks or months. It’s the gem that just hit the market a few minutes ago.

That’s why we just updated our Redfin iPhone App and iPad App with push notifications that send new listings and price drops to your phone within 15-30 minutes of when they happen. For some buyers, this will be one of the best weapons they have in a cutthroat housing market.

We’re calling these notifications Mobile Instant Updates because they work the same way as our emailed Instant Updates, but they kick it up a notch.  Where emailed Instant Updates hit your inbox when a home goes on the market that meets your saved search criteria, or when the price drops or status changes on one of your favorite homes, Mobile Instant Updates trigger a message on your iPhone or iPad’s Notification Center as soon as that happens. Serious home buyers should think of that notification as a starter pistol going off, and start moving fast!

We launched emailed Instant Updates in March because we saw the real estate market was hitting high gear and homes were going pending within days or hours of being listed. So far, we’ve sent about four million Instant Updates by email to customers who choose to get them, and each one could give them a head start on other buyers. Receiving the same information as a notification on their iPhone or iPad can give them an even bigger head start.

To sign up to receive these instant notifications on your iPhone or iPad, simply download the latest version and we’ll guide you along once you fire it up. Or, to jumpstart the process, you can always visit “Alerts & Emails” in the app’s “My Redfin” menu to add mobile notifications to any of your favorites or saved searches.

Push notifications for Redfin's iPhone and iPad app

What do you think? As always, we want your feedback on the latest and greatest features, so please leave a comment below if you have something to share with the Redfin team.


  • http://www.aaronfyke.com Aaron Fyke

    It seems that the market is broken right now. If people really want nice places, then they should sell for a premium and prices would rise so that there wasn’t a “sell in a few hours bidding war”. Is it that there are too many nearby foreclosures dragging down appraisals? Why can appraisers not separate a dump of a foreclosure with a really nice house?

  • Chris Fanara

    It seems that the problem is that there are too many buyers and not enough homes to go around causing this “Ebay like” bidding war. Many of the large tech companies in the Bay Area are growing and bringing new people into the area. These people are either looking to rent (driving rent prices up) or looking to buy, which again is causing a shortage of homes and a higher level of competition when it come to offers.This is all happening so fast that appraisers can not find sales data from the last few months to support the prices these homes are going for causing the appraisal value to be less than the purchase price. The market usually fixes itself in a matter of months.

    • http://www.aaronfyke.com Aaron Fyke

      So the market has a natural “acceleration limit”? It cannot drop or rise too fast, or it will crash into the appraiser “3 month trailing comp” limit?

      Well…I suppose it can drop quickly.

  • http://blog.redfin.com/ GlennKelman

    I love the title of this post Matt. And I love, love what the mobile team has done with Instant Alerts! Beautiful, beautiful…

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  • Robert Del Toro Jr.

    Why do I get push notifications that I never subscribed to? I have been trying for weeks to figure this out. I cleared all my saved searches and I still get push notifications!

    • Joel Ballezza, Redfin

      @robertdeltorojr:disqus Thanks for reaching out. This sounds like our app is not functioning properly. We have filed a bug with our team. Please give us a call. We can recommend a solution. http://www.redfin.com/about/contact-us