The Real-Time Demand Pulse: August Sales Improve Only Moderately Over Prior Year

One day more than half a century ago, Stalin stopped sending food trains to Siberia, leaving prisoners and guards alike to slowly realize they had to starve or walk a thousand miles for food.

This is how it can feel to be a real estate broker. Other times, it’s like being Augustus Gloop at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Demand comes and goes just like that.

It’s easy to panic, especially before you figure out the difference between seasonal zigzags — in northern towns, closed transactions usually triple from January to June — and real market changes. But watching the market move is also really interesting.

Now you can see why we think so, as Redfin is publishing demand data from our own business in a new monthly analysis of thousands of customers touring homes and signing offers with Redfin agents across 18 U.S. markets.

We’re calling the analysis the Redfin Real-Time Demand Pulse.

For the full report including data tables, charts, and a downloadable spreadsheet with historic data, visit the Real-Time Demand Pulse in Redfin’s Research Center.