Pictures and Prices of Sold Homes Come to Redfin on the iPhone and iPad

Big news! A new version of Redfin’s top-rated iPhone App and iPad App just became available, which now include pictures, prices and all sorts of details on homes that sold a few moments ago, or 15 years ago.

We’ve had this stuff on our website for years, but not in our mobile applications. Now on iPad and iPhone you can see for yourself data about recent sales that until recently had been restricted to real estate agents, to figure out what you could sell your own home for or how much to offer on a place you want to buy. It looks particularly gorgeous on the iPad:

On the iPhone, plenty of folks will use the new data for a different purpose, to see what your dinner-party host paid for the place just before ringing her doorbell.

In the pictures here, we highlight homes we’ve sold, but of course we show every sale, regardless of who represented the buyer or the seller. The simplest way to access the data on what homes sold for is by toggling the view on the search  results, switching from “For Sale” to “Sold”:

And of course, we now send instant updates when a home closes, not just when it’s listed or first under contract, so if you’ve set up a search on Redfin to find listings in your area, your phone or tablet will start buzzing the moment those listings close too. About 1 in 5 updates is for a sale that just closed. To see the final sale price within the Redfin app, you can just click on the alert.

We added a few other goodies to the app. If you click on the tiny icon of a calculator beside the price of a listing, you’ll also see a fancy payments calculator, which looks not only at your estimated mortgage payment, but home-owner association dues, estimated taxes, utilities, and private mortgage insurance costs. This should give you a good idea of whether you can really afford a place.

Finally, for every new listing we now show the taxes paid on the property in the past year, and what the county assessor thought it was worth, a feature that was previously limited to our website.

But the main effort has been to bring records about home sales to iPhone and iPad. Is it ground-breaking? Well, other mobile applications already feature pictures of past sales, but Redfin as a broker has complete access to the local Multiple Listing Service databases used by real estate agents to record sales in the first place, so our coverage should be the most comprehensive and timely by a pretty wide margin.

Only a few mobile applications from real estate brokers have MLS data on sold homes, and none cover an area so broad as Redfin. And of course, this runs well on the new iPhone 5. Many thanks to the mobile developers, test engineers and product managers who brought this to life, and to all our customers who kept pestering us about it! We’re glad to have it out there, and can’t wait to hear what you think.


  • Nicholas Masika

    What about Android? There’s way more Android devices out there than iPhones and iPads.

    • GlennKelman

      Beginning to notice a pattern here… thanks for the feedback; we’ll get cracking on Android soon enough!

  • tomb

    I agree. Your site is almost unuseable on mobile Android systems.

  • David

    Bring it to Androidddddd!

  • Kathi Kelly-Billings

    Hi Glenn, I have to say this new feature is awesome in the field when out with our customers. A couple of touches and I have access to all sold homes in the area going back 3 years! Good, no, great stuff!!