Year-End Slowdown Begins with Sluggish Tours & Offers in October as Record-Low Inventories Continue

As is typical this time of year, the housing market began to lose some steam in October, according to tour and offer data in Redfin’s Real-Time Demand Pulse.

The month-over-month change in the number of Redfin clients touring homes and writing offers in October 2012 was nearly the same this year as last. Offers fell 3.8 percent from a month earlier, nearly the same as the 3.7 percent drop over the same period a year earlier. Tours decreased 3.0 percent from the prior month, compared to a loss of just 0.5 percent in 2011.

For the full report including data tables, charts, and a downloadable spreadsheet with historic data, visit the Real-Time Demand Pulse in Redfin’s Research Center.