Why Do People Become Redfin Agents?

Big news! Redfin just published a video about why people become Redfin agents. I make a corny appearance at the beginning and the end, but mostly we just ask Redfin agents what they like about it here. And they respond in very genuine, and sometimes surprising, ways:

Redfin has already published how much a Redfin agent really earns compared to other folks in the industry, but never delved into the real reasons Redfin agents love it here:

  • A company that supports you, financially & emotionally, when you do the right thing for a client.
  • A team that pitches in when you need to take a Sunday afternoon off or put your kids to bed.
  • Buyers & sellers who sit on the couch with you, not across the table, because they feel you’re on their side.
  • A focus on what you love about real estate: working with clients, not looking for clients.
  • Exposure to more clients in one year than you might otherwise get in five.
  • Health-care, retirement and other benefits for you and your family.
  • Career development: folks who started as assistant agents now run Maryland and San Diego for Redfin. Others run our partner program and our lender & inspector network.

We recorded the video because, like many brokers, we’re still recruiting, even through the slow season.


  • Jenn Smith

    Love it! My husband is an Associate Agent in Atlanta and I am so proud that he works for such an AWESOME company. I truly believe Redfin has something to offer that other real estate companies just don’t have – your fun, fresh, laid back, and “no pressure” business model clearly works and I’m so excited to see how Redfin grows and develops in the future. Keep up the great work!!!

    • http://blog.redfin.com/ GlennKelman

      Thanks Jenn! Glad to have your hubby on board!

  • Romish Badani

    I love watching Redfin’s progress and think Glenn & co have built a model for many other professional service industries to replicate. Great job team!