Pickled Herring, Bears, and Home Selling Guides

Every time Redfin releases a new product, I wonder, “What would this thing look like if Redfin existed in the Soviet Union?”  It’s an unusual thought experiment, but my parents are Russian, and I think it’s funny to imagine the Soviet-Bizarro-World version of my company.

Soviet Redfin would be responsible for several great engineering triumphs of the people. A home price tool that would value homes in terms of vodka and pickled herring instead of currency, icons on its maps for bear-sightings and famous prison camps, and a system that rates your home based on how radioactive it is.

The Redfin Home Selling Guide, a beautiful data-driven introduction to selling, which the real Redfin just published, would also be a completely different animal in the U.S.S.R. Mostly it would just be shortened to something like: To make change of place of living, put name on list and wait ten years.

But we Americans don’t put our names down and wait for the government to do things for us. We move from one property to another by subjecting our homes, our most valuable assets, to the unpredictable forces of the market. It can be stressful, scary, and confusing, especially for someone doing it for the first time. Here at Redfin though, we’ve done it thousands of times and have had a team of data crunchers and real estate agents get together to figure out what you should and shouldn’t do to sell your home faster for more money.

We put our 12 most valuable tips on selling in the new Home Selling Guide, aptly called “12 Steps to Selling”. It’s an elegant piece, full of juicy information like when the best time of the year and week to sell is, how taking the right photos of your home can make it sell for more, and when remodeling is and isn’t worth doing. It’s also got our first take at a calculator that helps you figure out if you can afford to sell. And if you have any questions about anything you read, it’s full of ways to get in touch with our agents, who are happy to talk to you. Give it a spin, and while you’re at it, thank God we won the Cold War.


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