Collection of the Week: Czech Sky

Czech Sky_finaHave you ever flipped through listing photos and noticed something looked…familiar? A few years ago Tim Ellis, the data scientist at Redfin, noticed something funny about photos posted to the MLS; in many of them, the clouds didn’t change. The angle may be slightly different, but they all had the same sky!

You can check out this phenomenon for yourself in Tim’s “Czech Sky” Redfin Collection. There are more than 300 photos in the collection, all with the same wispy clouds and bright blue sky in the background. As Tim explained on his blog, Seattle Bubble, these listings were photographed by a Seattle-based real estate photography service called Vicaso. The same sky appears in San Diego, the Bay Area, Portland, and anywhere else that Vicaso happens to have a photo shoot on a cloudy day.

Tim did some research and discovered the original source picture, shot by an iStockPhoto member from the Czech Republic (hence the “Czech Sky” name). The photographer was flattered to learn that his photo was used in so many listings.

Vicaso uses the same strategy when it comes to getting the perfect crackling fire in the fireplace. Tim has been collecting those photos in his “Faux Fire” Collection. The next time you see a Czech Sky or Faux Fire, post a link to the listing in the comments so Tim can add it to his Collections. Let’s see how big they can get!

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