Ryan Phillippe Sells L.A. Manse for a Million Under Asking!

12-608863_3_0Actor Ryan Phillippe just sold his L.A. home for $6 million! The “Straight A’s” star told The Telegraph that he takes dates to his house so they can have a little privacy. He said, “You tend to accelerate the whole process of the relationship because you’re forced to have your dates at home. You don’t want to deal with people – not only paparazzi but people in restaurants with their camera phones.”

12-608863_0The lucky ladies no doubt enjoyed a glass of wine by the pool, which overlooks the L.A. skyline and Sunset Strip. According to the listing, the home is “perfect for celebrities and others who value a property which can ‘stoperrazzi.’” The 7,600 square foot estate has an “impressively large” master suite that takes up an entire level, as well as a home theater, chef’s kitchen, 60-foot long swimmer’s pool with underwater speakers, an outdoor kitchen, sauna and spa. The home has been called “Rising Zen” due to its modern design and Asian influence. It features many bright, open spaces and tons of windows to let in the light.

The estate is located in the prestigious Hollywood Hills, near celebrities such as Madonna, Ellen Degeneres and Porta de Rossi, Keanu Reeves and Dr. Dre. Ryan purchased the home in May 2008 for $7,175,000, after his split with Reese Witherspoon. He originally listed it on December 2, 2010, for $7,450,000. The price dropped to $6,995,000 on June 25, 2012. The seller must have bargained down nearly a million dollars, because the final selling price was $6 million!

What do you think of the home? Would you be impressed on a first date?