Collection of the Week: Castles for World Domination by Colonel Meow


Colonel Meow with the cat condo he purchased through Redfin in October.

Our favorite internet cat sensation, Colonel Meow, is at it again. Last October Colonel Meow worked with a Redfin Agent to purchase the cat condo – well castle – of his dreams. However based on his Redfin Collection, “Castles for World Domination,” it appears he’s ready to move again.

His Collection is filled with perfect places to devise plans and schemes to take over the world. There are homes that look like castles, which of course are the only kind of homes suitable for The Colonel. Other homes have large Koi ponds, where Colonel Meow can catch his dinner, or have a minion catch it for him. Some have fancy bars, which he will presumably fill with Johnny Walker Black.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s ready for an upgrade. His Facebook page now has more than 155,000 likes, and he even has a new website, His acting career is taking off, with appearances on Anderson Cooper Live and Virgin Mobile commercials. It’s quite the success story considering just a few years ago he was found abandoned on the side of the road. Cheers to the Colonel’s success!


Colonel Meow “enjoying” his new home.

Castles for World Domination

Colonel Meow’s Redfin Collection