How do you plan to spend your refund?

It’s tax day! By now you should be aware of how much you’ll receive as a tax refund – if you filed electronically, that is. According to the IRS, as of March 29, the average 2013 tax refund is $2,790. But the government isn’t the only one doling out refunds. Redfin gives a refund to anyone who buys a home through a Redfin Agent! How does that work?

Typically, the seller of a home pays a commission of five percent, which is split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. Buyer’s agents from traditional brokerages keep all of their commission, but when you buy with Redfin, we share a portion of our commission with you, so you can get thousands of dollars back. The amount of the refund is calculated on a sliding scale and based on the list price of the home; you can find the actual amount on every listing.

We’re curious; how do you plan to spend your tax refund? For those of you who bought a home with Redfin, how do you plan to spend your Redfin refund? Is it all going to the same place?