Redfin Bidding War Report Shows Early Signs of a Cooling Real Estate Market in Some Cities While Competition Intensifies in Others

Seventy-three Percent of Home Offers Faced Competition in April, the Lowest Level this Year

Welcome to Redfin’s latest in real estate analysis—the Bidding War Report. The data for this report are based on Redfin’s Offer Insights, statistics compiled from more than 2,000 offers written each month by Redfin agents for Redfin’s home-buying clients.

For the full report including data tables and charts, visit Real-Time Bidding Wars in Redfin’s Research Center.


  • Gerald Harris

    From an Agents/Brokers perspective you will not lose if you are in the market for the long run. True real estate professionals always do well in any economy. Depending on your location, if you are a seller in this market it is definately time to sell. If you are a buyer you must ask your self the question, what is mortgage assistance? Getting the correct type of financing and being smart about the structuring of your loan is of utmost importance