Need for Speed: Instant Updates on Android

Redfin Instant Updates on AndroidToday, Redfin for Android is joining email and iOS in getting Mobile Instant Updates, which sends new listings, price drops and status updates to your phone or tablet within minutes. This is a huge advantage for our customers, allowing them to get the jump on that gem of a home that just hit the market at a time when competition in real estate is more fierce than ever.

You might be asking yourself what difference an hour or even 15 minutes can make in your home search? In a world where homes are selling in less than 24 hours, being the first to know about a new home can mean the difference between getting an offer accepted, or watching it sell to someone else. You could literally receive an Instant Update in the morning, tour a home in the afternoon, and make an offer with a Redfin agent that evening. Break out the champagne flutes with dinner – you’re a new homeowner!

Since Redfin is a real estate brokerage, our notification system is built around the Multiple Listing Services (MLS), which is the most accurate and timely source of real estate data. Aggregator sites typically don’t have direct access to the MLS, resulting in inaccurate and out-of-date updates, and since Redfin is committed to making sure our data quality is top-notch, you’ll never get an alert about a stale listing. Since rolling out Instant Updates last summer to and the iPhone and iPad, growth has been phenomenal. Last week alone, we sent out nearly 12 million Instant Updates at a time when inventory is down across the board.

Setting Up an Alert

To sign up to receive instant updates on your Android device, simply download the latest version and we’ll guide you along once you fire it up. Or, to jumpstart the process, you can always visit “Alerts & Emails” in the app’s main menu to add mobile notifications to any of your favorites or saved searches. If you happen to have set up Instant Updates on a (cough) iPhone, then you’re already done – we’ll transfer your settings over automatically.

Setting up Redfin Instant Update

A big thank-you goes out to our Mobile team for making it special for our Android customers. We think this is a big win for those with an Android powered device, and we’d like to hear your stories about how Redfin mobile has helped you buy or sell a home. How have you used Instant Updates to your advantage?


  • jmastron

    Like the instant updates, but please add a way within the app to see the history of my notifications. I’ll often see an email or instant update, glance at it, and later when I have a chance to focus sit down and look at all the recent activity. With the emails, I can do this, obviously, but once the instant Android update is cleared it’s gone for good.

    And while you’re at it, slip in the ability to draw the boundaries of a search :-) I know that’s a lot more involved, but would be very handy — some of my searches miss areas I wouldn’t mind because they are in an adjacent zip code and I don’t want to see all the updates from that zip, just a certain part.