Inventory Shortage Crimps Growth in Tours; Offers Unfazed

The Redfin Real-Time Demand Pulse: a monthly analysis of tour and offer activity from thousands of homebuyers across 20 U.S. markets, months in advance of completed sales, and the only report in the industry that analyzes tour and offer data.

The number of Redfin customers touring homes and making offers both continued to post stronger monthly gains in April this year compared to last year, pointing toward additional gains in May and June sales. With so few homes available to buy, touring strength was softened somewhat. Monthly growth in tours came in less than a point above last year’s level. Meanwhile, offers continued to grow at a faster clip than last year, with monthly growth more than 5 points above 2012, indicating continued determination from buyers in the face of near record-low inventory.

For the full report including data tables, charts, and a downloadable spreadsheet with historic data, visit the Real-Time Demand Pulse in Redfin’s Research Center.


  • Gerald Harris

    This a a great sign for time to come. With extremely attractive interest rates and the foreclosure lien crisis at hand, buyer confidence is slowly but steadily gaining in todays real estate market. I am a former real estate agent and am extremely happy to see these things going on in the market today. Many buyers need to ask themselves the question: What is mortgage assistance? because this will allow them to secure financing that will cater to their needs