This Father’s Day, Give Dad a Man Cave

This Father’s Day, give dad something he’ll appreciate year-round; and we don’t mean a magazine subscription. Consider giving him space in your house where he can be a man…his very own man cave. In recent years reality TV shows have popularized over-the-top man caves, but creating a space for dad doesn’t need to be that complicated.

The average man cave is simply a converted attic, garage, basement or extra room, with space for a hobby or entertaining friends. A large TV, sofa, pool table and bar are classic man cave features. You can also customize it based on dad’s hobby; if he works on classic cars, give him space in the garage; if he’s an avid fly fisherman, create a workspace in an extra bedroom; if he loves sports, deck out the basement with the colors of his favorite sports team.

“Creating a man cave can add value to your home, as long as you don’t make extreme changes that future buyers would want to remove. If you decide to convert your garage, just make sure that any built-in shelves or walls that take up a lot of space can be removed when you decide to sell your home. Some buyers may love it, but others may want to actually park their car there,” said Klaus Gosma, a Redfin Agent in Seattle.

Redfin scoured the listings to find man caves of all types and sizes. Scroll through the slideshow below for ideas and inspiration, no matter what your budget may be. For additional ideas, check out the Redfin Collection called Manly Man Caves.