25 Signs You Live in Los Angeles

L.A., City of Angels, Lalaland, Tinseltown, Entertainment Capitol of the World. No matter what you call it, the residents of L.A. are proud to call their city home. Read on for signs you’re an Angelino at heart.

1.) You’re always 30 minutes late.


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“It’s the rush-rush life here. Traffic takes so much time out of your day that it takes forever to run errands or drop off kids at activities. When you think you’re going to be 20 minutes early, you’re 30 minutes late,” said Redfin Agent Sylva Khayalian.

2.) You know the best highways and routes to take and will only share that info with your closest friends.


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“Everyone has opinions on the best side streets or highways to take during rush hour in Los Angeles. You don’t want to share that information with everyone, or it’ll get too crowded!” said Redfin Agent Corina Galen.

3.) You order off the secret menu at In-N-Out Burger.


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“There’s ‘animal style,’ which comes with grilled onions. The protein burger is just lettuce, no bun. The 4×4 is with four patties. Everyone has their favorite,” said Redfin Agent Ryan Stires.

4.) You’ll fight the traffic on PCH to go to the beach in summer, but forget that the beach is there in the fall.


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The beach is a 30 or 40 minute drive from anywhere in L.A., so people go there to cool off. The most crowded beaches are Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu, but everywhere is a madhouse in the summer,” said Khayalian. “Sometimes locals head to Paradise Cove, where you have to pay to get in, so it’s less busy. Another hot spot is Dockweiler, the only place where you can have bonfires on the beach.”

5.) You’re a USC fan or a UCLA fan, but definitely not a fan of both.


via Bobak Ha’Eri/Wikimedia Commons

“The fans get REALLY into it. They used to deface one another’s mascot statues, but now the schools cover them up to protect them. Every season they’ll cover the Bruin Bear and say it’s in hibernation, and the Tommy Trojan statue is also kept under wraps,” said Galen. “USC and UCLA are both really big schools in L.A., so it’s common to meet someone who went to one of them.”

6.) You can change the radio station faster than a speeding bullet.


via Zuzu/Wikimedia Commons

“People spend so much time on the road that listening to radio is pretty common. Whether they’re switching from KPCC to KCRW, or KROQ to KLOS, most people can change the station in a heartbeat without ever looking away from the road. Here you learn how to program the presets, or spring for satellite radio,” said Khayalian.

7.) You’ve driven to Vegas. And then decided to fly the next time.


via Jan Kronsell/Wikimedia Commons

“A lot of people drive over to Vegas for long weekends. But after three days in Vegas, you’ll wish you could fly home. The gas is about as expensive as the flight, so that’s the better way to go,” said Stires.

8.) You drive to workout at your Pilates/Barre/Boot Camp/Crossfit/Hot Yoga class. And you wear your best Lululemon gear, of course.


via SSC Yoga with Eoin Finn/Wikimedia Commons

Everyone is really into fitness in general. They’re worried about what they look like, and how they feel. A lot of people hit the gym or take a fitness class like Boot Camp. And most of the time they wear designer workout clothes,” said Khayalian.

9.) You avoid the restaurant scene on Robertson and hit up a local joint instead.


via ChildofMidnight/Wikimedia Commons

“A lot of celebs eat at the restaurants off of Robertson in Beverly Hills, so the tourists flock there. Locals tend to avoid the crowds. There are some great restaurants in Sawtelle, C&O is a popular Italian restaurant, Father’s Office is great for burgers, and people love Katsuya for sushi,” said Stires.

10.) You get dressed up to go to the grocery store.


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“You never see people wearing pajama pants in public. People care about fashion and designer clothes. They might be wearing shorts and sandals, but they’re expensive shorts and sandals,” said Galen.

11.) You share photos on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter when you go for a hike.


“Locals love to hike the canyon and mountain trails. Altadena, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Monrovia, Runyon Canyon in Hollywood and La Cañada-Flintridge are all popular spots,” said Khayalian. “You often see photos of the scenery shared on social media.”

12.) You’ve been to Disneyland more times than you can count.


via deror_avi/Wikimedia Commons

“Even locals go to Disneyland. It’s a great place for kids, and people visiting always want to go. But if it gets too crowded, there are a lot of other options, including Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, Raging Waters and Sea World. Los Angeles has tons of stuff to do with kids,” said Stires.

13.) You know someone who knows someone on TV.


Entrance to Fox Studios via Downtowngal/Wikimedia Commons

“The entertainment industry is huge here. On the Westside you have production companies that do film editing and things like that. In Hollywood  and Beverly Hills you have the talent agencies. In Burbank you have the studios.  As a result, there are a lot of people who are connected to someone famous,” said Stires.

14.) You know someone who knows someone who has taken the bus.


via Nikhil Kulkarni/Wikimedia Commons

“There’s not a lot of public transportation here. Everyone drives, which means you get all sorts of drivers, from people who are reckless to people who drive too slow. During rush hour it’s rare to actually go the speed limit. At night when there isn’t any traffic, the speed limit is more of a suggestion,” said Galen.

15.) You’ll do anything to keep your 310 or 424 area code on your cell phone.


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“Your area code and zip code are a status symbol. If you don’t have a 310 or 424 number, people ask you why. There’s even a phrase – ’909ers’ – to describe people from the inland areas,” said Stires.

16.) You don’t really watch basketball but you’re a fan of the Lakers.


via LD Cross/Wikimedia Commons

“L.A. Lakers fans are really adamant about winning. When the Lakers win, people run around and go nuts. There’s even a parade dedicated to the Lakers,” said Khayalian.

17.) You’re addicted to the Redfin app.

Redfin App

“For most people in Los Angeles, their biggest investment is their home. A lot of homeowners are worried about losing the equity they’ve gained. That’s a backbone for them; it’s what they’ll turn to in case something happens. As a result, people are always talking about the real estate market, and checking the price of homes for sale in their area,” said Khayalian.

18.) You avoid Hollywood, unless you want to enjoy the nightlife on a Saturday night.


“You can spend 45 minutes driving there, half an hour looking for parking, and 20 minutes waiting in line to get in. By the time you get the chance to order a drink at the bar, its last call,” said Stires.

19.) You carry your babies’ diapers in a brand name crossbody bag.

Designer Diaper Bag

“Over-the-shoulder bags are becoming trendy again. It’s great for moms, who refuse to carry an ugly diaper bag. It’s common to see designer diaper bags for sale, or just large purses that serve multiple functions,” said Khayalian.

20.) You’re over your Yogurtland addiction and are now obsessed with Blockheads.


via Michael S./Yelp

Blockheads Shavery is popular. Its shaved ice in different flavors, and you can put different toppings on it,” said Galen.

21.) You drive a BMW or Mercedes, or are saving up to get one.


via FAEP/Wikimedia Commons

“A lot people care about what kind of car they are seen in. You see BMWs and Mercedes everywhere!” said Galen.

22.) You already have your outfit picked out for the next Coachella.


via Jameyhopkins/Wikimedia Commons

“Since L.A. is the epicenter of the entertainment industry, we get all types of concerts. Coachella is one of the largest festivals that people get really excited about,” said Stires.

23.) You’ve purchased a gluten-free brownie and organic avocados at a farmer’s market.

Avocado Stand

via Kwek Mei Jiun/Wikimedia Commons

“There are a lot of neighborhood farmer’s markets. The markets in Old Town Monrovia and Pasadena are fun ones to go to,” said Khayalian. “A lot of people are health conscious in L.A., so they like to get fresh fruits and vegetables there.”

24.) You argue over which place has the best tacos.


“Everyone has a favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. El Tarasco is a popular one around here,” said Stires.

25.) You returned to the neighborhood where you grew up after you had kids.

Eagle Rock

via Tim Bergeron, Wikipedia

“A lot of people move to the young hip neighborhoods of Silverlake and Eagle Rock when they get out of college. But after they have kids they tend to move back to the neighborhoods where they grew up. Once they’re retired, a lot of people move to high-rise condos with lots of amenities, like those off of Wilshire,” said Galen.


Which “sign” was spot-on? What are other signs you live in Los Angeles? Tell us in the comments!



  • likediablo3

    There’s ‘animal style,’ which comes with grilled onions. The protein
    burger is just lettuce, no bun. The 4×4 is with four patties. Everyone
    has their favorite,” said Redfin Agent.

  • niroosh

    Another sign you live in LA: you’re a transplant paying too much rent for a room in a glitzy neighborhood only to realize that SubleaseHub offers you a solution to your wastefulness!