Customer Story: Enraged Bull Charges During Home Tour; Redfin Agent Leads Way to Safety

Customers Robbie and Kara

Redfin Agents don’t just say they look out for their clients’ best interests, they prove it. After guiding their clients through every last detail of the home buying and selling process, they’re often described as heroes, and on one recent home tour, that description was particularly true. Redfin Agent Jayson Haile and his clients, Robbie and Kara Johnson, were on the hunt for a rural property in Washington state, where they hoped to build a horse farm and child therapy practice. They were on the hunt for a property with rustic charm, and toured a host of properties–from Everett to Mt. Vernon–until they arrived at their last stop of the day, a farm about 30 minutes outside of Seattle.

Dodging a bull to find the right home.

Would you dodge a bull to find the right home?

After arriving, Jayson, Robbie and Kara began walking the property to get a better view of the acreage. As they ventured out to survey the scenic, pastoral setting, the group spotted a herd of cattle gently grazing a few yards away. A few minutes later, a curious baby calf wandered over to say “hi” to Jayson and his clients.

Baby calves are adorable… until they alert the local bull.

“Well, apparently dad was not too keen on us petting his baby, so he began to snort, stamp his foot and approach us,” Jayson recalls with a chuckle. “Not usually a good sign, from what I’ve seen in movies.” This was definitely not the introduction to farm life Robbie and Kara were hoping for.

With an approaching bull, Jayson snapped into action. Seeing a route out of the pasture, Jayson guided Robbie and Kara back over the electrified fence and away from the menacing bull. Enraged, the bull continued to stalk back and forth, charging at the group from behind the fence. Despite the narrow escape, the couple was still charmed and put in a bid for the property, but ended up losing out to a competing offer. Luckily, they found a piece of land within the same area that fit their needs and closed on the property last month.

“Even after the bull charge, we are huge Redfin advocates,” shared Robbie. “It should be a rite of passage.”

While not all home tours might be this adventurous, metaphorically and literally, this experience illustrates how Redfin agents are here, by your side, to guide you through the home buying and selling process. Yes, even if that means staring down a charging bull.


  • Cameron Dunlap

    Glad no one was hurt! Although I’m not an agent nor do I show people around, I prefer to stay on the opposite side of the fence if there are any animals close by.

  • AnilaRashid

    Excellent share people usually do not share this kind of efforts.

  • Marge Haworth