Redfin Introduces New Instant Notifications in Apple Safari OS X Mavericks

Today Apple announced that OS X® Mavericks, the company’s 10th major operating system, would be available to download for free, and Redfin already has a brand new feature for Safari ® users! Out of all the new features available in Mavericks, the Redfin engineering team zeroed in on the Apple Push Notifications Service, a new addition to Safari, because it would let home shoppers get instant updates on homes. These notifications give Redfin users important information about specific homes on the market and newly listed homes, ensuring that Redfin users get information about homes they’re searching for even faster.

Now, Redfin users with Safari in OS X Mavericks will see updates at the top right of their screen regarding homes that fall within their saved searches. A message will appear when a home comes onto the market, when a home is sold or its price is reduced, or when a Redfin Agent leaves a Tour Insight on the home, which is a short note with the agent’s thoughts about the home after they’ve seen it on tour.

These notifications appear even when Safari isn’t running; when Redfin users are away from their computer, a summary of notifications will appear to show what they missed. This is a new Safari feature; push notifications were previously enabled in apps, but Mavericks will for the first time bring Web-based notifications to Apple’s desktop OS.

Buying or selling a home is intense, but the new push notifications make it easier. Here’s a quick follow-along-at-home demo:

1.) Before beginning, open a new Safari browser with no tabs and make sure you:

  1. Are running Mavericks
  2. Are not in private browsing mode (Safari menu → Private Browsing… is unchecked).

2.) Now, visit

Redfin Homepage

3.) Search for “Sunset District” without any search parameters (or try another search of your choice).

4.) You will be taken to the map page. From there, click the Instant Updates switch on the left sidebar.


5.) You will then be prompted to enter your name and email address to sign up for alerts.


6.) The Safari Notification Permissions Dialog will then appear.

7.) Click allow and you will see a confirmation dialog on the map page.

8.) A notification will appear if a new home comes on the market, a listing’s status changes, a price changes, or a Redfin agent leaves an insight on a home within your saved search region.


9.) While you wait, feel free to create more saved searches by exploring the map page. All future searches will be signed up for Safari Push Notifications.

You can edit which saved searches you wish to receive Safari Push Notifications from by visiting (or you can mouse over the user menu in the upper right corner and click “Alerts & Emails”).

Happy house hunting!


  • Gerald Harris

    Its amazing how far technology has come. I remember when we use to use personal computers at home. Now we use our Cell phones / PDA’s to access the world from our fingertips. The ability to save houses and their criteria in our phones is amazing. As wholesaler i come across alot of real estate for sale in Charlotte North Carolina. I now have the ability to Instruct potential buyers to locate homes and edit the criteria from their phones.

  • ijh

    Is there a way to receive the push notifications to mac osx without also receiving instant email notifications? I already get push notifications to my phone and now will have the alerts show up in the notifications center so also receiving an instant email is a bit of overkill. Thanks!

    • Audrey Lawrence, Redfin

      Yep! If you click on “Alerts and Emails” in the drop-down menu under your name, you can update your email & push notification preferences. You don’t need to get both, unless you really want to.